Engagement Strategies for Change:

Why change? In almost all positive instances of planned change, the goal is to increase engagement. Our society is in an exciting phase of change, where the global, national and local focus is on ensuring representation and inclusion of all, in business and the arts.

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Here is a small sample of the inclusion and engagement strategies that I’ve had a wonderful time shaping.

TV directing and gender: why are most TV directors male? A report looking at gender inequality in TV directing, produced for Directors UK, was effectively the shop window for a raft of activity to increase engagement between women directors and the UK’s broadcasting industry, and drive a cultural change to increase the diversity of talent shaping UK drama. As well as game-changing statistics on the breakdown of drama directing by gender, the change programme included training, shadowing and networking initiatives, resulting in an increase of women directors employed across the UK’s drama output – some areas seeing as much as a 14% improvement in 2 years.

Screenwriting and ethnic diversity: widening the talent pool to reflect the diversity of our society. The change and engagement strategy for Fresh Voices UK includes promoting workshops and networking events for BAME talent, and engaging broadcasting commissioners as active stakeholders in Fresh Voices UK’s rehearsed reading events.

Intersectionality in the financial sector: My work delivering presentations and workshops within the financial services sector helps both leaders and staff have a greater understanding of how growing a diverse workforce contributes to business reach.


Parents and Carers in Performing Arts: if you’ve ever had to rush back from a night at the theatre to relieve the babysitter, spare a thought for the thousands of performing arts workers for whom your night out is their everyday work. I’ve worked with PIPA to increase the diversity of the performing arts workforce, both on and offstage.

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