Brands that work are those that set out an organisation’s culture with honesty and simplicity.

Effective communications solutions help brands define who they are, and what they are about. Great comms means diversifying the message, addressing disparate and equally important audiences in a language that reflects their passions.

It’s amazing how often companies fail to unite towards the same goals their corporate communications, PR, marketing, and internal communications strategies.

A strong, 360 brand identity, that reflects the business goals and style, drives external engagement.  A joined up approach means you’ll recruit people who understand and love the business. Teams that love the business are your best ambassadors, and bring your brand alive. Great comms takes into the mix who you’re working with, who you want to talk to and who is working with you to achieve it.


Communications Solutions Case study: ABRSM and market positioning

What we say determines how we’re seen by others. So it’s best to make sure we’re all saying the same thing, with the same clear goals.

The global leader in graded music assessments, with eager competitors snapping at their heels in both UK and overseas markets. ABRSM is a brand valued by a loyal client base of (predominantly) music teachers for their reliability, and consistent quality of assessment. ABRSM’s biggest rivals cleverly position themselves in the market place as an agile, responsive, customer facing service, focusing on their adaptability, and empathy with learners (rather than their teachers).

Here’s how I refresh ABRSM’s brand values, bringing it up to date and helping to make it more musician-focused, without alienating the core audience of teachers: emphasising both tradition and innovation too.


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